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Jan 27, 2014 4:00am PST
espn. >> good morning, america. i'm robert flores. sunday in the nba, paul pierce and kevin garnett returning to boston for the first time since being traded to the brooklyn nets. an emotional scene at boston garden sunday. both players given video tributes throughout the game. pierce and garnett knew this game would be difficult. pierce said it was the most difficult game he's ever played. harder than any game seven. neither played very well. neither shot very well. pierce had six points. garnett had six points. but the nets win on the road, 85-79. >>> to miami. nba finals rematch. heat and spurs. san antonio in miami for the first time since losing game seven. miami led throughout, wire to wire. led by as many as 29. chris bosh finding lebron james in transition. watch the difficult angle for james. nearly behind the backboard. he had 18. chris bosh leading the way with 24. heat win over the spurs. >>> we'll be covering the super bowl all week long on "sportscenter." a lot to check out. and of course, "sportscenter" will bring it to you, beginning live, 9:00 a.m. on espn. >> all r
Jan 14, 2014 2:00pm EST
this is a story we continue to follow. we will stay with hedge funds. we welcome ingrid pierce. she is a prominent international fund attorney. great to see you. thanks for coming in. berth, a wide range of activity. i know you are based in the cayman. up with that stack luxembourg, where i know there are a lot of funds? >> the cayman -- cayman is the leader in the pack. you will notice a few figures that we have for the fund set up in cayman. it really is the leader of the pack. >> and obviously, has better weather, of course. looking smaller firms, to india, i've been told that was a growing trend as well. one of the areas staying global that you told me in the past has been setting up hedge funds, which are essentially sponsored by japanese institutions. what kinds of institutions are these investing? are they banks, other private entities? >> a lot of them are single investor funds. you will have a large japanese bank that will typically be managed by a u.s. fund manager. been a strong trend with the number of funds we have nearly one012, and quarter of them set of last year were a
Jan 6, 2014 5:30pm PST
record for the longest married first couple in u.s. history, 69 years. barbara pierce bush, a descendant of president franklin pierce, married navy veteran george h.w. bush not knowing some day he would be known as 41. jimmy and rosalynn carter are in second place, celebrating their 68th anniversary in july. >>> if you're a 20-year-old in boston, the mayor, during your lifetime, has always been named tom menino until today. marty walsh has taken office as the 48th mayor of boston, kicking off what promises to be an era of sweeping change after two decades of mayor menino. as the boston globe put it today, nothing happened in boston without menino's approval. and about the future for boston, the paper went on to say, quote, a city long set in its ways may just let loose. >>> and some news on this network today with the announcement by "saturday night live" of a new addition to the cast. her name is sasheer zamata. she is the first black woman to join "snl" since maya rudolph departed in '07. the announcement comes after criticism last fall for lack of diversity among the cast members. she
Jan 6, 2014 8:00pm PST
adam wilson and quyen nguyen, the owners of 56 pierce street, and the city and county of san francisco; and authorizing the planning director and assessor to execute the mills act historical property contract ~. item number 10, resolution approving a mills act historical property contract, under administrative code, chapter 71, between jean paul and ann balajadia, the owners of 64 pierce street, and the city and county of san francisco; and authorizing the planning director and assessor to execute the mills act historical property contract ~. item number 11, resolution approving a mills act historical property contract, under administrative code, chapter 71, between karli sager and jason monberg, the owners of 56 potomac street, and the city and county of san francisco; and authorizing the planning director and assessor to execute the mills act historical property contract ~. item number 12, resolution approving a mills act historical property contract, under administrative code, chapter 71, between adam wilson and quyen nguyen, the owners of 66 potomac street, and the city and county
Jan 27, 2014 2:00am PST
pierce back to boston. check this out. check out the taunting. check it out. check it out. check it out. that same focus as paul pierce nails this jumper. gave the nets the lead 78-70. garnett steals the ball from rondo and he takes it to the hole. the nets get their fifth straight win 85-79 in boston. >>> college hoops, arizona remains unbeaten. it was not easy. utah kept it close. 31-26. the wildcats pulled away in the second half to get a school record 20th win. 65-56. >>> what's been shaping up as a snow bowl, head coaches pete carroll and john fox are concerned that the practices for the super bowl might be held indoors. why? check this out. the frozen fields. the real test is going to be how well will they play on thursday. a wind chill of 7, the rangers took on the devils in a high scoring battle that was delayed by an hour because of, get this, too much sun. too much sun. early in the game tied 1-1. jaromir jagr sets up . a terrifying crash. he was sent to the hospital and broke his back. they're awake and communicating. >>> a quicker way to shop maybe. check out this bike racin
Jan 27, 2014 4:00am PST
. >>> sports and a bitter return for kevin garnett and paul pierce back to boston for first time since being traded to brooklyn. in the game, garnett tried his best to get under ronaldo's skin. check out the taunting. there you go. and paul pierce nailed a jumper to keep the nets in the lead 78-70. garnett fields the ball from rondo, takes it to the hole and nets get their fifth straight win. 85-89 in boston. knicks continue to roll. carmelo anthony 35 points after scoring a record-breaking 62 points on friday at madison square garden. charges in for the layup. the knicks beat the lakers 110-103. >>> college hoops, arizona unbeaten but wasn't easy. utah kept it close trailing by five at the half, 31-26. the wildcats pulled away in the second half to get a school record 20th win. 65-56. >>> to first ever unconferenced pro bowl or better yet fantasy bowl. team deon sanders gets on the board first. he gives the ball to this lucky lady, his mama. less than a minute left, team rice trailed. the pass to demarco murray who takes it in for the score. team rice wins it 22-21. >>> and what's bee
Jan 27, 2014 4:00am PST
manning, this is a big deal. >>> in the nba, longtime celtics' paul pierc and kevin garnet return to boston as brooklyn nets. pierce and garnet got a big hand from the brooklyn nets and they helped beat the boston celtics, 85-79. >>> in miami, a rematch of last year's finals. chris bosh scored 24 points as the heat handle the san antonio spurs, 113-101. the spurs are now a game and a half behind the west, leading oklahoma thunder. >>> and more than 50,000 fans showed up at yankee stadium to watch hockey. it was the first nhl game played at the stadium. the new york rangers scored the last six goals to beat the new jersey devils, 7-3. the opening face-off was delayed, though, an hour because of a dangerous glare on the ice. >>> when we return, grammy gold. daft punk takes home the big awards at last night's ceremony while beyonce and jay-z heat up the stage. beyonce and jay-z heat up the stage. ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ [ male announcer ] the beautifully practical and practically beaut
Al Jazeera America
Jan 30, 2014 12:30pm EST
placement is really ben if beneficial for academic growth in terms of identifying pierce, finding people who be able to encourage them in school. maybe students who have been in the united states just a bit longer than they have who can really help them out. but as you mentioned, if they have gaps in their education, if they have a lack of literacy skills, if their parents don't read or write in the first language, they will struggle in that school setting. and it's going to be very difficult to graduate especially when we are emphasizing 4-year graduation rates and trying to get students out and in to the workforce and in to college as soon as possible. >> if i may, lisa, the -- i think one of the things that we also have to understand about this population is how many have spent years and years and years in refugees camps, closed camps in thailand where they weren't allowed to leave the camps. these camps are really pretty much opportunity-free zones. so they have been forced in to passivity for a long, long time. and it's really hard to make that adjustment. >> myra, i know you
Jan 1, 2014 3:00pm PST
look at those rigs. >> they do the piercings right before so the skill is still wrong. it's not like one of those old holes. >> they also do a lot of, like, calculations, the force and the weight and they know it's not going to rip through. zuch see his skin pull when he finally gets -- ah! >> it's like when a mom cat picks u the baby d carries it ound. >> but that doesn't look painful. this looks horrible. >> he certainly doesn't look like it hurting. when he . >> two outdoorsmen try to save one buck hooked to another. when the buck doesn't say thank you. >> and there a proposal videos -- >> and there are proposal videos. >> and meet the happy couple and how he got into those tight clothes. >> takes a real man to wear this. >> yeah,right! >>> hey, don't forget there's an app for iphones and watch videos any time where you are. >> i'm just trying this at home. we got one dead and one still alive and they're locked up. >> as we know, the animal kingdom can be a pretty dangerous place. this video proves it. you see joey and chad, two avid hunters. joey had bagged a buck earlier in the
Jan 23, 2014 3:30am PST
didn't last forty or forty five minutes tonight it's the end it is also a piercing and can record i spied a open space to complete the deal graph or jemaah illegal time to look into the book as a man who doesn't feel the cut of a knife blade. in addition he is a director of the mass national dance called come ashore got this dance was performed by more than fifteen thousand people the addition amounts to one thousand copies. it consist of six hundred and fifty pages filled with very interesting information ah stop was looking for young artists a local professional studio would teach little children acquire ballet acting in ancient arts turn from the age of six to sixteen will be enrolled to the studio. according to organizers. it is very important than a child has got both power and desire for arts. young artists will be involved in staging operas and concerts at the austin upfront costs and organizes when the create their own children's symphony orchestra the success of the renamed unthinkable is now we are trying to find talented children playing the violin and clarinet in the future th
Jan 5, 2014 2:00am PST
look at that. >> let's don't get a closer look. >> they do the piercings like right before so the skin is strong. they also do a lot of calculations like the force and the weight. >> you see his skin pull when he finally 2k3wgets -- >> it's like when a mom cat picks up the baby cat and carries it around. >> but that doesn't look painful. this looks horrible. >> he certainly doesn't look like it's hurting. >> when he looks in to the camera and give this is primal scream, it's kind of awesome. >> look at the red. >> he clearly has insane abs. to each his own. he's living life. good for him. >>> two outdoors man try to save one buck hooked on to another. >> and this is risky. >> what happens when the buck doesn't say thank you. and there are proposal videos and then there are proposal videos. meet the happy couple and see how he got into those tight clothes. >> takes real men to wear those clothes. >> that's right. >>> don't forget there is an app for rtm. watch videos anytime anywhere you are. >>> not just trying this at home. get one dead and one still alive and they're locked up.
Jan 15, 2014 5:00pm PST
. joining me now to discuss, author of the book, how to be black. and charles p. pierce, political blogger for first of all, i think there's two questions, there's the question of what gains traction and gets out of control. what do we think is disqualifying, as people, as citizens, from the first moment i caught a whiff of this, it seems like it's disqualifying. this point was made on fox. >> mr. higby, was the assistant to the chief of staff, saying we should use the federal machinery of government to screw our enemies, that's what this was about up there. >> yeah 37 disqualify? >> i think it's disqualifying for a lot of reasons, because of the timing. this is a guy who is abusing his power at the very least. it may be disqualifying -- >> his hand selected people are abusing their power -- >> he's so clueless, despite the fact of what is projected in terms of being about confidence you can't trust anything that he's saying. but i think ultimately what's going to disqualify him is a combination of the fact that he has no constituency really. he has no -- there's no ha
Jan 4, 2014 8:00pm PST
showing their support before the big playoff game. jeff pierce spoke to fans showing off their 9er pride. >> reporter: the city is beginning to look red this weekend as 49er fans started wearing their colors a day early early. >> i'm just getting ready. >> it's a all game thread. >> reporter: whole families could be found dressed in 49er garb. the dedicated will wear their game day display all weekend. >> this is my good luck shirt for the game. >> reporter: if you had inventory to match demand. >> we have a vast selection of 49er gear. from top to bottom shelves, stocked with all of your favorite 9er hats and when it comes to the packer side, we got one. >> reporter: although this shop held onto some of their inventory a bit too long. >> alex smith jerseys are going off the shelves this weekend, guys. off the shelves. discount prices, come on down and get them. >> reporter: for 49er fans, it's never too early to display splendor. in san francisco, jeff pierce kron4 news. >>> new at 8, tonight a historical san francisco nightclub is shutting its doors for good. florida -- phillipe
FOX News
Jan 26, 2014 8:00am PST
saw pierce morgan at cnn saying he appreciated and applauded glenn willing to be critical and self-reflective in public. we even saw joe scarbourough on msnbc applaud glenn beck. he can see something here that the media was more reflective on a number of issues. >> amy, you and scarboruough, morgan, you're all in the game. >> it's not a game. >> you guys are in the television game. oh, yeah, he came on and looked sincere. now we're going to love him and embrace him again. >> david, you're sitting on television right now. do you think you're in a game? >> pardon? i'm sorry. >> because he appear on tv, are you in the game as well? >> no. i'm a guy on weekends who shows up when they invite me. come on. >> so why are you accusing the rest of us? >> because i -- i work as a critic outside the medium of television writing about media and television. you guys make your living on television. so for you to say to me, oh, pierce morgan liked him, i i'm sorry you don't, david, come on. >> amy. >> wow, well, clearly david is not a fan of glenn beck and isn't willing to consider the opinions of
FOX News
Jan 9, 2014 1:00am PST
was so annoying. >> he should be working at the piercing pagoda at the mall. >> i got my ears pierced there. >> as a white conservative, if i disagree with a liberal who happened to be black like president obama or reverend jesse, liberals full in the blogs like he's a racist. so what are they going to say about jason riley, a respected columnist for the washington journal. >> there's a pattern of hiring people like melissa harris-perry, eric dyson, and reverend sharpton to raise things. they say racially inflammatory things, they bring race into discussions where it doesn't belong, and their take is ba basically all of black people's problems are caused by white people, and if you disagree with that, you're a racist. >> hard pressed to come up with something for that. >> i watches on c-span the other day, a panel, and at tulane university where melissa harris-perry, who is a professor there, the race-baiting that took place, a lot of people don't watch c-span, was shocking. i don't think they do it to be shocking. i think a lot of these commentators and hosts deeply believe what they
Jan 7, 2014 11:00pm PST
this one may have saved her life. >> i'm jeff pierce in san francisco. police here are investigating the sixth auto-pedestrian accident here in the city within the last week. stay tuned. i'll give you all the details. >> kron 4 news starts now with a developing story. >>> it has happened again in san francisco. a pedestrian struck and killed by a car. tonight's incident happened near city hall in the 200 block of van ess. the victim is the fifth pedestrian hit by a car in san francisco in the last week and third fatality. jeff, how did this happen? >> one of the busiest thoroughfares in san francisco and for some reason the victim in this case ran out in to traffic, not on the crosswalk, and was hit and killed by a passing car. >> reporter: sfpd says the accident happened around 6:20 on tuesday evening. police say a man was involved in some sort of verbal altercation on the west side of van ess avenue. following the altercation the victim ran in to traffic, crossing six lanes and was hit and killed by a passing car. >> based on the preliminary investigation we've done so far, the dri
Jan 10, 2014 4:00am EST
there, there was widespread flooding in ft. pierce thanks to more than 7 inches of rain. >>> there could be more political bombshells today as thousands of documents related to the george washington bridge scandal are set to be released. new jersey governor chris christie denies he knew anything about the bridge closure. abc's mary bruce has the latest details, and she joins us from washington. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning. well, one of the nation's most intriguing politicians is scrambling this morning to smooth out this scandal that threatens to derail his presidential ambitions. he's the tough talking, no-nonsense star of the republican party, so popular he's considered the front-runner to be his party's presidential nominee in 2016. but today he's in damage control. trying to drive his future out of a political jam over a traffic scandal. >> i come out here today to apologize to the people of new jersey. >> reporter: christie offered an epic mea culpa. for nearly two hours he apologized and cast himself as a take-charge governor. >> ultimately i am responsible
Jan 27, 2014 11:30pm PST
throws it away. the steal. gets it back and toronto ladies. pierce going the other way for the win. no good. 104-103 and raptors. hawk thunder tied 1 0then. seconds left. give to it kevin and get out of the way. rises and fires good night game over drive home safely. 41 for the man who is now nicknamed the slim reaper. durrant scored 30 or more and women college hoop fourth rank stanford won 18 straight tonight. cardinal using a 16-2 run to open up against usc. she's inside and feeding rav. she has 30. tenth 30 point game this season. 86-59 stanford the final. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. do you like this. like this. >> slim reaper. l. >> you might need extra time for the morning commute. it will be foggy and drizzle in spots mostly cloudy. temperatures 40's, fwishtion mike is here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. with live doppler 7hd tracking the weather. >> we have video that shows the city of san francisco like you have never seen it before. ♪ ♪. >> really cool. he shot the time lapse photo using an slr camera and go pro video cam. just amazing shots from all over the city an
Jan 17, 2014 4:00am PST
years in chicago with ea pierce which is a firm that charlie merrill had essentially sold to in the 1930s. in 1939 he convinced charlie merrill to come into the business, get out of the grocery business and back into the securities business and come up with a new motto of bringing wall street to main street, of taking the conflict of interest out of brokerage, about separating research, about training brokers, educating the public. it was really a revolutionary concept in 1939 and 1940. >>people forget that it was merrill lynch who basically did that. thank you very much mr. smith. >>thank you bill. coming up...the in crowd. a trader takes on some of the most "popular" stocks of the moment.and...our friday favorite! in traders unplugged...the guys reflect on wall street's girl power. that's just around the corner. time now to take it to the streets-- or at least the floor of cme group. joining us for traders unplugged alan knuckman and scott shellady. at the bell gentlemen topic number one: gender bender last year hedge funds run by women out performed those run by men-- is it bette
Jan 3, 2014 12:35am PST
power squinch. >> he noticed it. >> piercing us with her eyes. here we are looking at her wondering. >> kind of blank. >> now, she is, whoa. >> just invited you over. >> why is that? >> how we communicate? >> we communicate with our eyes. >> a video was born. teaching his signature squinch to the masses. it went viral, gaining a million views. >> the definition. narrow the distance between your pupil and lower eyelid. >> what does that do, the quarter inch? >> unbelievable. makes it look like a thought process going on for the person. >> no longer empty-headed. >> you get a vibe from the person. which is similar to what we do when we flirt. >> everyone is posting the pose. advertisers, are even tweeting wildlife squinches. if a trained seal can do it, how hard can it be? >> don't look so miserable. what are you doing? >> i feel miserable. i look like i feel. >> there is the squinch. snuck it by me! go out in there! >> peter can't help but go right into work mode. >> knees together. >> knees together. how do you know? >> your feet a little bit. hold that. >> more. >> pigeon toes do n
Jan 28, 2014 4:30am PST
don't see problems. 880 around 280 typical. we have a crash here for highway 9 at pierce road. this is not heavily traveled right now. no injuries reported. just a word there may be crews there as they pull a car sounds like from the side of the road. back to you. >> the cost of parking meters could double. the san jose city council set to order new smart meters. those will let drivers pay through their smart phone and also provide real time data with a new app that shows where parking is available. but here is the catch. the meters themselves are expensive. they cost nearly $1.5 million so to raise the money for the meters, parking rates near downtown will double from $1 to $2 an hour. the meters could be installed by the end of the month. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," big day for the president as he prepares to deliver his fifth state of the union address. a preview of what she expected to say coming up. >> plus a bold move by google. the announcement that could bring the latest gadget to the medical industry. >> a very good tuesday morning to you this morning. light traffic
Al Jazeera America
Jan 6, 2014 7:00pm EST
that pierce easily during derailment. and it is also more expense if than pipelines. but with the appetite for pipeline in question, that extra oil has to be moved somehow, and rail is picking up the slack. rail is hauling 20 times more crude than they carried back in 2000 #, but it is only the beginning according to jeff reubin. he say oil by rail may be in the beginni beginnings. he was one of the first economists to accurately predict soaring oil prices back in the year 2000. he joins us now. good to see you, jeff. >> good to see you. >> oil by rail is just not regulated, and we are piling more oil on to rail cars daily. >> that's right. and i think, you know, one of the unintended consequences of environmental opposition to pipelines on both sides of the border has been to put oil on rail. of course their intention was to keep oil in the ground, whether we're talking about the bakken or the oil sands, but the industry's response has really gone back in time, when of course rail was the key way of moving oil. as you point out, rail is a much more expense if way of moving oil, a
Jan 15, 2014 10:00pm PST
identify bad boys but now it's an art displayed by about half of kaepernick's pierce. our society has changed and he represents that. a generation ago he would not have had this success. >> 20 to 25 years ago we were following much more specific molds and that is not the case anymore. >> reporter: the director says he intentionally didn't play it safe. safe doesn't inspire. and already the 3 minute director's cut online has nearly 3 million hits. >>> director of the commercial said he didn't play it safe because safe doesn't inspire. those are his words and there's no doubting the you popularity extended online version has almost 3 million hits. >>> well be sure to stay with kpix5 for all your 9ers coverage. dennis and i will be heading up to seattle this week. our live coverage begins with a special 49ers preview that's friday night at 7:00. >>> an out of control car careens through a bay area church and ends up on the altar. >>> he's back. a man spreading joy and cheer throughout the country in the form of thousands of dollars worth of extra tips has struck again at this san fra
Jan 31, 2014 3:30pm PST
dimple on full, awful display. piercings of every kind was visible. the wrap a scan full body scanners couldn't distinguish classic explosives from body fat and guns were practically invisible if turned sideways. tsa says many procedures and policies referenced in the article are no longer in place or characterized inaccurately. for example, scanners that show graphic images are no longer in airports. >> for them to be saying today it's not a big deal because they've been now removed after all the years when they resisted removing those in airports i think is a little hard to take at this point. >> when it came to profiling, harrington says until 2010 officers had a list of 12 nations whose passengers automatically received enhanced screening. to that the tsa said, no comment. >> in a statement the tsa tells us that they don't tolerate unethical or unlawful behavior and they take quick action when it is discovered. we should note we reached out to the former tsa agent who wrote the article. no response yet. >> pretty disturbing stuff, rene. >>> we have a lot more news coming up. on the
Jan 22, 2014 5:00pm PST
until now have been banned they can have beards, tattoos and body piercings religious in nature the pent gob gone says it will be addressed >> a donor made a donation to a beloved spot for generations of children. largest in the park's 53-year history. the spark says this will go towards upgrading lower zoo area and will go towards a few tour animal exhibit. >> a woman who saved a man's life by pulling him from a burning truck has done it again. she help aid driver at hill top this morning. according to in 2011 she pulled the driver from his tanker truck. i want to be out on the highway any time she is there. >> amazing. >> still ahead that is not the only good samaritan getting reco uncle go one,two,one,two,one [uncle]thistwo,one.cotch,okay? [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah? to those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of
Jan 28, 2014 4:00am PST
confusion on the inbounds, paul pierce wound up with a look. but he can't hit it. raptors hang on to win it, 104-103 but brooklyn has been playing great. >> see the smile right now is real because we're done. >> we're done, yeah. back to you. >> guy, thanks. >>> all right, up next, "the pulse" where hillary clinton opens up about something she hasn't done since the mid '90s. >>> an epic photo bomb made by a massive mammal. .look at you. i've always tried to give it my best shot. these days i'm living with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. at first, i took warfarin, but i wondered, "could i up my game?" my doctor told me about eliquis. and three important reasons to take eliquis instead. one, in a clinical trial, eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke better than warfarin. two, eliquis had less major bleeding than warfarin. and three... unlike warfarin, there's no routine blood testing. [ male announcer ] don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a str
Jan 27, 2014 11:00pm PST
ladies. pierce going the other way for the win. no good. 104-103 and raptors. hawk thunder tied 1 0then. seconds left. give to it kevin and get out of the way. rises and fires good night game over drive home safely. 41 for the man who is now nicknamed the slim reaper. durrant scored 30 or more and women college hoop fourth rank stanford won 18 straight tonight. cardinal using a 16-2 run to open up against usc. she's inside and feeding rav. she has 30. tenth 30 point game this season. 86-59 stanford the final. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. do you like this. >> slim reaper. >> hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. and she does! e does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] add a u-verse wireless receiver today. ♪ want to play hide and seek? yeah! 1... 2... 6... 10! [ female announcer ] piÑa colada yoplait. it is so good when you need a little escape. [ mom ] still counting. ♪ more than a feeling ♪ whe
Jan 29, 2014 4:30am PST
surveillance video. now investigators say he is wanted for arson. accused of setting a car on fire at pierce automotive. it happened monday evening. he is described as heavy set, bald, he was wearing a red shirt and black shorts at the time. anyone with information is asked to call the sheriffs department. >>> a report from the san francisco city attorney says the asiana plane crash at sfo was a terrible accident and the airport is not responsible. it also suggests that 16-year- old ye was already dead before being run over by a fire truck. the report also says the girl and two other teenager who died were most likely not wearing their seat belts and the trauma of the impact may have killed them. the report also offers some recommendations. national standards should be set to avoid rollovers and that airline established lines of communications for family and friends to locate hospitalized passengers. >>> time is 4:53. police in belmont are reporting a spike in mail thefts. thieves are targeting mailboxes out in the open. thieves strike this time of year because they are mining for an end of
Al Jazeera America
Jan 9, 2014 3:30am EST
skin that pierces easily on derailments. accidents have occurred i , and don't forget the accident that killed 50 residents in a fireball. 24 hours after our report on monday another train covering oil derailed and caught fire in master rock plaster rock. luckily no one with us hurt, but someone out there might reconsider their opposition to building oil pipelines. why how mom and pop shops are drawing you in. i'm ali velshi. this is "real money." ♪ check check >> hi, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm thomas drayton, let's get you caught up on the top stories. >> thursday there'll be a hearing into chris christie and his staffers, they closed leaps on a bridge to punish a town ta didn't support him. >> the white house came out in support of joe biden. in response to a memoire by robert gates. he criticises the vice president's foreign policy instincts. jay carney said joe biden is a key advisor to barack obama. >> the found of
Jan 1, 2014 6:00pm EST
looking for a female suspect said to be a black woman in her mid-20's, petite, with a facial piercing, and there is no description of the male suspect. live, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> another one in recent months. mother is baltimore behind bars, accused of leaving her daughter in a freezing car while she spent the day gambling. the woman was arrested yesterday and charged with child abuse and neglect. police say the girl was left in the car for about eight hours. she was checked out at the hospital and is physically ok. says a formerrson first lady barbara bush is in great spirits, despite being hospitalized. the wife of former president george h w bush. mrs. bush is 88 years old, and president obama issued a statement, wishing her a speedy recovery. an order blocking organization from being forced to provide free birth control. a supreme court justice issued a temporary injunction just as the entire health care law kicked in. we have the latest. years afterur president obama signed his controversial health-care bill into law, the whole thing finally goes into effect. >> it is a new d
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Jan 8, 2014 7:00pm EST
aging. it has thin metal skin that pierces easily on derailments. accidents have occurred i, and don't forget the accident that killed 50 residents in a fireball. 24 hours after our report on monday another train covering oil derailed and caught fire in master rockplaster rock. luckily no one with us hurt, but someone out there might reconsider their opposition to building oil pipelines. whhow mom and pop shops are drawing you in. i'm ali velshi. this is "real money." ♪ consider this. the news of the day plus so much more. answers to the questions no one else will ask. >> it seems like they can't agree to anything in washington no matter what. >>> hi, i'm lisa fletcher, and you in the "stream." online gambling is now legal in some states. we ask if online gambling is a bet worth making. ♪ >>> wajahat ali is off tonight, taking the rains is our i digital producer. glad to have you here to do this >> always
Jan 9, 2014 6:30pm PST
rink once inside they sent this evening before we can pierce the top science once again. yes common on friday not responsible he is accosted him. on the dishes but the gun breast cancer economic logic common sense bill was hit. i was a testament to the us on what i had a few insights debut silence nice addition. it's the same time tomorrow nights ay ay. or a server program it's especially good things it's all trying to achieve is to get a suite of scientific instruments on the martian surface mobile platforms. jor el and the scientific spirit the seller over old curiosity. actually it's the most complicated most complex and most capable system ever put on the surface of another plant that it might be the most complex interplanetary explorer that we've ever developed. there are literally tens of thousands of parts that work. workers too. the launch operation cruise tomorrow. introducing milling operation actually operate we feel confident that we've done everything and everything goes the way we've decided that we played we built and tested it out we should be on the surface safely i
Jan 3, 2014 5:30pm PST
and didn't go off. today it killed a construction worker and injured eight others when it was pierced by an excavator. allied bombers had pummelled that area durlg the warg because it housed heavy industry. in germany alone, upwards of 700 bombs are found and diffused each year. >>> a dietary milestone reached in the united states quietly without fanfare on kitchen tables and in restaurants across the land. chicken has replaced beef as america's favorite meat product. while americans are eating less meat overall, the average american still consumes almost 60 pounds of chicken every year. make no mistake, it's a paradigm shift. first time in the 100 years they have tracked such things. and as one writer put it today, beef is no longer what's for dinner. >>> we also have a quick follow-up on a story aired last night here about a fugitive georgia banker on the lam after the loss of a lot of investor money. several of you asked if the police officers who apprehended aubrey lee price following an otherwise routine traffic stop in brunswick, georgia, would be eligible for the sizable reward
Jan 20, 2014 6:00pm PST
prompted to open in two thousand and thirteen. and lastly rolled and pierce trees earned second and third prizes concrete blocks books we use our office early read on here of areas where i'm at every corner every lunchtime and even see the cars bit of fear of ecb have to keep bed and sleeps as he is he can to protect the moon scientists found us and us. the company is it's here. twenty nine and to cost million euro was conducted from on street parking in residential parking and camping. it costs the company over ten million euro to love this park and time leaving ninety million euro profit. the him questions andy have assisted students to pass this availability of parking space for people to commence the cc forty fights point eight million euro was conducted by copeland core cooling limerick and waterford city council's last year. plus when older towns are taken into account its estimates is no growth or see some of the concrete poem and one haunt hrs and fifteen million euro from parking every year. that's raising concerns with distances. all in the towns and cities is falling beca
Jan 26, 2014 6:30pm PST
6-point lead. that was the turnaround. they rally back and forth. paul pierce making his first trip back. going straight into the net. also a reunion for kevin garnett. up 3. stealing the pass. takes it the length of the court for the knock out blow. brooklyn beats boston 85-75. >> the nicks playing at the yard. they had to find somewhere else to play. newyork facing new jersey. the nhl latest outdoor game. the start delayed over an hour. the jerseys were able to keep the fans entertained. bring it on. now, zach scored 2 of the rangers 4 goals in the second period and they go on to beat the devils 7-3. >>> well, super bowl week has arrived. at 12:30 pacific today, the broncos arrived to the airport, the seahawks at 4:00 today. the denver coach, john fox, missed four games this season after heart surgery but according to peyton manning he wases wases -- he was never that far a way. >> a week later we were at a team meeting and we had the big screen -- it had face time chat with coach fox and he didn't really know how to use it well. he was very up close right into that camera. i thin
Jan 12, 2014 8:30pm PST
mountains behind the leech. pierce is a forest of japanese beech tree. in the past. people are nice they are used to gather wood for fires and making church as they did so. they planted saplings of the forest away the water seeps out of the woods. its region receives heavy snowfall. when you accumulated snow melts. a great amount of water is absorbed by the saudi soil ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay water provided the forest to reach the youtube posting cummings. i know. i do the road. it's work. third round while. similar to the east coast the new law the eye. kia has to choose looks like detroit to win it is only two centimeters greer. well it's the smallest species in japan it's spirit's a man who after finishing packing the field this season ventures into the forest on the mountain behind the image he starts climbing a tree. i mean the autumn no more. we find that had grown around tree. the rodent japanese wisteria. in the comments area. people have been using was curious minds is the material for making cloth for generations. cheerio can often be seen and horrors of beech trees and els
Jan 12, 2014 8:00pm PST
with piercing studio most of them circling of the tricky. two other groups. so the us administration is increasingly desperate to try and cool to get some pain or that city or position of the business to the city will position itself to sitting up to them so no real new system state of serbia and only since that day due to the rest of the match. so it's admit this isn't recently that it seems like a field close to us. as a part of the pops. the past five years can hardly be called the good times for youth leadership it has been seen in support and confidence and lawmakers diminishing and eventually hitting a record low. the data comes from a new regional oh let's take a look. the study suggests the tumbling approval rating is linked directly to the budget cuts and economic woes. take spain for instance where support is drastically low or even ireland which has just successfully exited its bailout program. despite that the aftermath of the news on sturdy demands. he's still driving and the numbers down the euro skeptic uk used to top the critics' lists with only around a third actuall
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